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Clinics & Master Classes

Occasionally EBDS teachers and other top touring musicians will offer special clinics and master classes at the EBDS studios which are open to the general public. Please check back frequently to see what we have going on!


With EBDS Founder Jeremy Steinkoler

For most drummers, tuning their drums is one of the least understood aspects of playing their instrument. Many skip it altogether, while others tinker aimlessly, trying in vain to get their drums to sound good. No matter how expensive your drums are, they won't sound good unless they're in tune. While it does take practice, any drummer learn the basic concepts of tuning, and with a few tips and tricks, get their drums resonating properly in a short time – and learn to keep them in tune.

In this clinic co-sponsored by BandWorks and the East Bay Drum School, we'll review the fundamental concepts of drum tuning, including the nuances of tuning the snare, toms, and kick drum. We'll explore the differences in drum heads and how they affect the sound of your drums, learn how to prperly seat a head, cut a hole in the bass drum head, and also check out a number of tuning devices created to make tuning your drums easier. Drop-ins welcome, but space is limited, so sign up now to reserve your spot!


With EBDS Founder Jeremy Steinkoler

This master class will investigate some the most famous drum grooves in recorded history. We'll check out the recordings, break down the beats and concepts, and learn how to play such incredible masterpieces as Steve Gadd's "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover," and "Late in the Evening"; Clyde Stubblefield's masterful and influential "Cold Sweat", and "Funky Drummer"; David Garibaldi's inexorably funky "Squib Cakes" and "Soul Vaccination"; Zigaboo Modeliste's deep "Cissy Strut"; Bernard Purdie's infamous "Purdie Shuffle" and tasty "Rock Steady" break; John Bonham's classic intro to "Good TImes Bad Times"; Mitch Mitchell's "Manic Depression"; The "Bo Diddley Beat"; and several more, including some simpler and very useful grooves that have been played on dozens of other recordings.​

While this class is intended for intermediate to advanced drummers, anyone with an appreciation for great drumming or a curiosity about what makes a great drum part is encouraged to attend. There will be two drum kits available for everyone to take turns on to work out some of the concepts. Drummers should bring sticks and a practice pad. 

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