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Welcome to the East Bay Drum School!

The East Bay Drum School brings together a team of some of the most experienced and dedicated private drum instructors in the Bay Area. Our teachers are exceptional drummers who are passionate about playing
and teaching.

The EBDS caters to students looking for private instruction in a supportive environment, at a safe, clean, fully-equipped professional teaching studio. Our teachers have many years of experience helping drummers achieve their goals, and experience a deeper enjoyment playing music.

EBDS Director Jeremy Steinkoler has published a collection of essays about drumming, teaching, and performing called Finding the Groove! Check out the digital version at Hudson Music, or order your paperback copy on Amazon

"In Finding the Groove, drummers will find a collection of essays and musings which offer invaluable practical advice, from understanding the role of the drummer in the band, to acquiring the musical tools needed to develop good "feel." Other musicians—and music educators—wil find important topics covered as well, including strategies for practicing more effectively, overcoming mental and physical obstacles to progress, and the critical importance of attitude and intention. Artists—or really anyone who hones a practice or pursues a passion—will find life stories that illuminate: essays on finding your voice and staying true to your creative vision; surrounding yourself with peers who help you grow; and an exploration of the pitfalls of self-doubt that plague so many creative people, and get in the way of achieving the fullest expression of their
artistic calling."

Read reviews and find out more!

Instruction available in all styles, including:

  • Rock/pop

  • Jazz

  • Funk

  • Latin

  • Blues

  • Reggae

  • Second Line/New Orleans 

  • Orchestral drumming

  • Marching

  • Reading & Rudiments

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